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15 Minutes to Freedom” is an iTunes top rated podcast where every day I get real and raw to create relevant content that will leave you ruthlessly committed to BIG ASS results. The life lessons and mistake I’ve made are shared so that you don’t have to go through them as well.

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I’m not going to fill up your email box with nonsense and endless offers to buy products and services. What I’m going to do is share content, articles and offers that have made MASSIVE impact in my life.

Step 3

Pictures tell a thousand words.

Follow me on social media for information on where I am, what I’m up to, and the real-life events that help shape my perception of reality. You won’t find endless, over produced content here.

Absent is the hyper filtered stream of beautiful images. Instead, you will witness the pain and joy of being authentically vulnerable in my own skin. Imagine having a front row seat to a car crash where you knew no one was going to get hurt. That’s my social media.

Step 4

I will have you consider the possibility…

Perhaps you have been following the podcast, consuming the free content and sitting on the sidelines via my social media…I don’t blame you. That was how I lived my life for 31 years. Then I finally decided to “get in the game”.

If you are ready to expand, live a 4-dimensional life, and finally realize that you truly can “have it all”, the process begins right here.

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