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E327 – Kristen Holmes | Vice President of Whoop

Today I welcome to the show the one and only Kristen Holmes.  Kristen is the Vice President of Whoop, manufacturers of the fitness tracking device that is sure to revolutionize your sleep, your recovery, and your performance.  As a die-hard user of Whoop, I’d be lying to you if I said I wasn’t thrilled for…

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E326 – I See You | Find Yourself To Find Where You Belong

Belonging is essential to the human existence.  We all need a tribe that understands us in order for us to excel, no exceptions.  Without a tribe we lack emotional support, we lack people that have skills to lift us up in business and relationships, and we limit our own progress because we simply can’t handle…

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E324 – Time Is Not On Your Side | Achieve More, Do Less

The way communication has shifted over the past 10 years has constantly drained our attention and our time.  With text, email, and voicemail we are immediately accessible at any given time. For some reason, we’ve decided that we not only need to check the message immediately but that we also need to respond.  Not only…

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E321 – The Formula | The Simple Equation That Changed My Life

Facts.  Feelings.  Focus. Fruit.  Relevant. That simple formula that changed the course of my life.  I’m not here to stake claim to this. This is something that came to me through the teachings of Garrett J. White and Wakeup Warrior.  If we’re getting real with ourselves, most of us get trapped in the feelings of…

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E320 – John Madsen

Today I’m joined by John Madsen.  John is a former NFL Tight End and current owner of Athletic AF gym in Holladay, Utah.  John has perhaps one of the most inspiring stories of any guest that’s been on the podcast.  When he was growing up, John set a very specific goal of becoming a professional…

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