Ryan Niddel: a proven business growth specialist and top executive coach in Columbus, Ohio.

As Founder of The Niddel Group, (Columbus, Ohio), Ryan has spent his entire career solving complex problems and amplifying business growth. He has significantly increased the bottom lines of hundreds of clients in more than 30 industries, worldwide. Ryan has created a niche specialty in in optimizing growth across marketing, operations, sales and service. The consistent thirst for additional growth strategies has led him to study, and solve, almost every type of business growth question, challenge and opportunity.

What Ryan Does

Ryan has an uncanny ability to increase business revenue, profit and success by looking at the situations from a 4 dimensional perspective. He uncovers overlooked opportunities, underperforming activities, and undervalued possibilities unseen by his clients. This skill set has captured the attention and respect of CEO’s and entrepreneurs worldwide. Ryan’s clients range from the business elites to small business owners. But they all have one thing in common – virtually all of them have profited greatly from Ryan’s expertise. Many of his ideas and strategies have led to an increase of millions of dollars in profit for his diverse clients.

Ryan has identified the hidden patterns that limit and restrict business growth. He is a unique industry leader who shows clients that most industries only know (and only use) one particular marketing and sales approach. He teaches that there may be dozens of more effective and more profitable strategies (with far lower risk) available to them. Ryan shows his clients how to take proven success concepts from different industries and adopt them to their specific business. This gives Ryan’s clients a powerful advantage over their competition.

The BIG Difference

Ryan has been acknowledged as a distinctive authority in the fields of persuasive system selling, exponential business growth, performance optimization, and the maximizing and multiplying of business performance assets. He has been featured in CNN, Fox News, MarketWatch, Entrepreneur, INC magazines as well as many other publications. 

Ryan sees opportunities, hidden assets (both tangible and intangible), and underperforming areas of a business that no one else typically recognizes. He is known for finding significant hidden profits where no one else can. His depth and breadth of knowledge and experience has facilitated exceptional judgment, communication, and collaboration skills.

These are THE essential traits necessary to establish, lead and effectively grow any organization. They are the prime abilities required to add new life and strategic vision to a company that is stuck, struggling, or one that needs to redefine or better distinguish itself in the marketplace. Surprisingly large numbers of prosperous companies are actually “successfully stuck,” content with just above market performance when exponentially higher performance is easily possible.

Ryan is considered one of the world’s foremost 4 dimensional strategic and critical thinkers in the areas of revenue generation and business optimization, as well as marketing makeovers of every kind. His principles are the difference between mediocrity and millions of additional revenue. 

Ryan’s Impact on Business

Ryan has an estimated 500+ individual business success stories

As a proven business leader, Innovator, and “business optimizer” with enormous energy and vision, Ryan has demonstrated the critical ability to stimulate true breakthrough thinking and execution throughout large and small organizations. His “four dimensions for business optimization” include Marketing, Operations, Sales and Service. He understands how to focus on leveraging brilliance within an organization, while effectively controlling and minimizing the downside risk. Ryan has a very rare ability to understand recognize hidden patterns, cross system correlations, opportunities, and vulnerabilities in almost any given situation. He’s identified over 73 business growth impact points that few businesses maximize.

His forte, which is the ability to not think “outside the box”, but to create an entirely new thought container.  This has enabled him to find (and successfully implement) growth minded, market share consuming solutions to very complex problems in order to generate high-performance results. He has successfully established beneficial relationships with key strategic partners, and has developed efficient business operational strategies for many companies. These organizations boast that, with Ryan’s counsel, their valuations have consistently increased while their effective company labor hours have decreased. 

Ryan has been instrumental in optimizing performance, even while working with adverse business environments. He is a master of direct inflection interviewing. Ryan has been able to turn the act of in-depth investigation of a business’s operations and systems into an newfound form of art.

Ryan’s life’s work has been dedicated to increasing sales, advancing careers, and multiplying bottom lines exponentially. He believes in ethical business practices and is a champion for anyone who wants to add to their personal production, build their own business, advance their career, or increase their net worth.

Ryan consistently contributes millions of dollars of his most impactful content freely to millions of business owners, entrepreneurs, CEOs, and startups worldwide. Throughout this website Ryan has provided an unimaginable collection of purposeful podcasts, value added videos, and business building blog posts that most consultants would be proud to charge for.

This site will provide you with all the due diligence you need to make the decision to seek his guidance, or engage in a consultative relationship.