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E270 We Are Getting Divorced

Divorce can carry an extremely negative connotation, but many times people on the outside don’t understand the entire situation. The fact is, if someone’s getting divorced it’s because there are major problems in the relationship that are likely causing a trickle down effect in every aspect of both partners lives. So the question is, is…

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E269 Your Goals Are Too Big | Why Your Goals Are Holding You Back

What happens for most people, especially this time of year? They set these outlandish goals they can never achieve. Why? Instead of realizing the huge goals are in fact long-term goals, they get frustrated and quit when they don’t see immediate results. Then, the failure to achieve those massive goals creates a guilt and shame…

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E268 6 Men, 6 Women, 1 Event | Are You Ready For Change

Have you ever wanted to dig deeper? Are there patterns you’ve been living your life by for far too long? Today I’m presenting a unique opportunity for those of you that are fed up and ready to take control of your lives. While meditating the other day, the voice came to me. Not once, not…

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E267 Is This Cheating?

To cheat or not to cheat? That was the question on one listener’s mind. More specifically, this listener wanted to know if messaging another man on Facebook is considered cheating. As a former cheater myself, if you have to ask the question you probably already know the answer. Today I’m going to discuss why the…

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E266 Ryan & Lindsay – We Have An Announcement

There are certain momentous occasions in all of our lives:  our first kiss, losing our virginity, graduating from college or high school, getting married, having kids…wait, what was that last one?  On this very special episode with Lindsay and I we have an incredible announcement to make.  It’s truly life changing, and not just for…

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E265 I Need A Favor

Sometimes we screw up. No one is immune to it. After consistently being in the top 20 of iTunes charts and even hitting number one, this show completely fell of the charts in November. Why? Because of some questionable marketing tactics. I’ve learned the error of my ways, and I’m on a mission to make…

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E264 Mike Bledsoe

Mike Bledsoe is the creator of The Strong Coach, a program designed to guide coaches to their greatness, as well as the CEO of Shrugged Collective.  To limit Mike to these titles would be severely underselling who he is.  In this wide-ranging conversation, Mike dives into the daily habits he uses to optimize his mind…

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E263 Where’s My iPad?

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, details matter. As some of you may know, along with the podcast I have my own coaching practice. With both the podcast and the coaching practice, our iPad is an essential tool. Coming in on a Saturday to shoot some podcasts, the iPad was nowhere to…

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When are pancakes not your ordinary pancakes? When you head to IHOP on Christmas Day. After forgetting our breakfast supplies at Lindsay’s parent’s house on Christmas Eve, Gianna’s choice was to head out for breakfast. Little did we know, this wasn’t such a novel idea. After spending almost two hours at IHOP something unexpected happened;…

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E261 Down For The Cause

Lessons can come when you least expect it, even at a child’s Christmas concert. At some point in all our lives, we learn how to judge other people. Why or how this happens is somewhat difficult to understand. While attending Gianna’s concert a couple weeks ago, I was taught a powerful lesson in the importance…

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